Remove Employees From Your Organisation

When an Employee leaves you’ll need to remove them from the system.

This function can’t be performed unless you’ve got the correct permission. 

How to remove an Employee 

  • Go to the Dashboard and click on the red ‘Employees You Manage’ tab
  • Select the Employee you need to remove and use the ‘actions’ button to select ‘Terminate Employee' 
  • Set a termination date. This will be the Employee’s last working day in your organisation
  • When you’re happy that the correct date has been set, click on the red ‘Terminate Employee’ button to submit. A message will pop up to check that you are sure and reminding you to check that the final day of employment is correct 
  • Select ‘terminate’ or ‘cancel’

Once you’ve hit submit the set date can’t be changed and the Employee's account can’t be restored, so we always advise double-checking everything before this point. 

After submitting, a red message will appear on the Employee’s details to remind you of their leaving date. 

We'll retain all their holiday requests up until that date, and delete any that fall after they leave. Practically, this might mean that the Employee has left before the set date but is still on the system if, for example, they’re taking their remaining holiday allowance. 

Once the Employee has left, they’ll disappear from the system but their data will remain for your reference. 

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