Document Library

A full library of employment-related template documents and letters at your disposal.

Included in our HR Complete plan, the library resources and dynamic templates make preparing documents and sending letters a breeze. 

Whether you need to make an amendment to contract, send a disciplinary letter, or prepare maternity leave documentation, WorkSmarter gives you peace of mind, knowing you're legally compliant in every situation.

Instant access to numerous documents and letters to cover whatever situation your business faces, saves you time and stress. Summary guidance helps you understand the document and how to use it.

Our team of legal and HR specialists ensure full legal compliance with ever-changing legislation, complex employment law, and HR best practice changes, so you’ll never have to worry about out-of-date information and your documents remain relevant.

The library consists of documents and templates that cover a wide range of employment law and HR best practice.

Some documents are information only, and others are to use with your Employees.

We tell you whether a document is a template policy that should be reviewed and adapted to reflect the nature of your business, and advise how and when to use certain letters and documents.  

  • From your menu, click on Document Library to bring up a range of categories, covering all the subjects you need
  • Choose from categories such as Absence & Sickness, Health & Safety, Performance Management, Recruitment, Redundancy, and much more
  • Select a subject folder to see all the documents and templates it contains
  • Select an item to read a concise summary of the information and understand how the letter or document should be used
  • Download to view and save
  • The dynamic template lets you customise, edit and update the letters and documents as required, in Word or as a PDF
  • We’ll notify you by email when we add a new document

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