How to Record, Manage and Conclude Staff Absences

Everything you need to know.

Using the Absence Calendar

The Absence Calendar allows Managers (with permission) to view, manage and track their Department’s absences. 

  • Locate the calendar by clicking on the Services tab at the top of your screen. From here go to the 'Absences' section where you'll see the calendar link to the right
  • The calendar automatically displays a month at a time but you can instantly switch viewing formats so you can see what’s happening daily or weekly, or as a list
  • We’ve colour coded the calendar to help you see whether an absence is ongoing (yellow) or concluded (green) 
  • The calendar lets you filter information by Departments or by the current status of each absence. You’ll see a summary of who’s away today in the top right
  • Click on the coloured bar to see a detailed summary and any comments. You can also use this as a shortcut to edit or cancel the absence
  • When you record a new absence against an Employee, the details appear on the Absence Calendar. As soon as an absence has been recorded, we’ll notify all the relevant Managers so they’re aware
  • Once the absence is concluded, the calendar will be updated and the details will remain, so you can refer back whenever needed

You can sync your Absence Calendar...

with Outlook, iCal, Google Calendar, and more, so you can access it wherever you are, on any device, for speed and convenience. 

To activate this feature, go to the Absence Calendar by clicking on the Services link at the top of your screen, where you'll see the calendar link to the right. Then click the blue 'Subscribe to Calendar' button.

Record a new absence against an Employee

To submit details go to Absences, via the Services tab at the top of your screen, and click on New Absence.

  • Click the Employee box to bring up a list of all your staff. Once you’ve selected, choose what time the absence begun: either from the start of the working day or midday through their working hours
  • Use the calendar box to select the start date of this absence. The next field asks whether or not you know when the Employee is expected to return; if you know you’ll need to select the date, but leave this if you're not sure
  • Select the reason for absence from the list, and whether the Employee should be paid 
  • You can record notes or comments regarding this absence. These will be visible to the Employee
  • Once the absence has been saved, it will be recorded to the Employee Record and appear on the calendar. As soon as an absence has been recorded, we’ll notify all the relevant Managers so they’re aware
  • If the absence is being recorded retrospectively, you can go straight to Ongoing Absences to conclude it

Ongoing absences

The Ongoing Absences section, accessed via the Services tab, lets you view and manage all current absences.

Any absences that are ongoing will be listed on this page with all the details summarised. You can close, amend or add any details, and delete the absence from here.

Conclude absences and complete Return to Work Interviews

Once the Employee has returned, use the Ongoing Absences listing to close and conclude the absence.

This will bring up the option of doing a Return to Work Interview with the Employee. Although these are optional, we recommend carrying them out to ensure absences are properly documented.

Once you've spoken with the Employee, you can record notes of the meeting in the box provided. The Online Editor lets you create a smart, professional document. 

The interview also allows you to upload any relevant accompanying documents, such as a doctor's fit note or medical statement. The interview notes and any documents will automatically be uploaded to the Employee's HR Files, in the Absences folder, once you’ve saved everything via the ‘Complete Absence’ button.

If you don’t want to complete the Return to Work Interview, just click on Complete Absence to conclude it.

Once concluded, the calendar will be updated. Details will remain in green, so you can refer back whenever needed or amend any information as required. Absences can be deleted from here if necessary.

Absences are also recorded in the Employee Record, so that staff and their Managers can see a summary of the details.

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