Add Employees to Your Organisation

Set up their account and create the Employee Record.

To add an Employee, click on ‘Organisation’ on the sidebar menu then click on ‘Employees.’ Click on the ‘Add Employee’ button in the top right of the screen.

You can also get here by going to your Dashboard and clicking on the red ‘Employees You Manage’ tab, then clicking ‘Add Employee’ in the same way.

To set up the account and create their Employee Record 

  • Enter their name and email address. Don’t worry if there are any other personal details you’re not sure about as we will contact the Employee to get them to check and update their own information and fill in any blank fields when they log in for the first time. We'll continue to send them regular reminders until they complete the onboarding process 
  • Add their employment details: their job title, whether they’re full or part time, their annual holiday entitlement, the Department they work in, any they collaborate with, and any Departments they manage
  • Use the table to set their working hours. This will already be pre-filled with your company’s default working hours, but you can just key in the relevant changes if their working hours are different
  • Click on ‘Create Employee’ and details will appear under the Office and Department they work in

Their welcome email will give them all the details they need to enable them to log in for the first time and finish setting up their account.

You can view details and manage the Employees you’re responsible for via the blue ‘Actions’ button that appears under their name. Find this by going to ‘Organisation’ on the menu, then clicking on ‘Employees’.

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