The free Absence Tracker
for modern employers.

Reduce absenteeism in your organisation and ensure compliance with HR legislation.

WorkSmarter tracks absences across your company, to help keep track of who's off, and when.

Our Absence Tracker is completely free — no matter what size your company grows to.

Absence Management

Struggling With Staff Absenteeism?

WorkSmarter's simple platform makes absence management easy.

1 Record Absences

If an employee calls in sick or otherwise needs time off, use our simple system to record details of the absence securely on the employee's absence record.

2 Return To Work

When they return, WorkSmarter will prompt their manager to complete a quick and easy Return To Work Interview, to follow up on the absence.

3 Reduce Absenteeism

Track absence by employee and department, with detailed reports. Following Return To Work Interviews, watch your absence rate drop over time.

The Free Online Staff Absence Tracker

WorkSmarter's employee Absence Tracker is completely free to use.

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“With over 100 employees working for us, WorkSmarter saves us an incredible amount of time and money.

Managing holidays and absences across our team is so much easier than before.”

Dan Chapman
Leathes Prior Solicitors
Absence Reporting

Full Visibility for Managers

WorkSmarter's free staff absence tracker keeps managers informed about staff absences. An absence calendar shows at-a-glance who is away, and automatic alerts are sent at key points in the absence lifecycle.

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Feature Summary

The Simple & Free Absence Tracker

WorkSmarter's free employee Absence Software is the ideal solution.

Reduce Absenteeism

Easily record new absences

Note Return To Work Interviews

Proven to reduce absences

Compliant with UK HR law

Easy to Use

Automated notifications

Easily see absence trends

Simple and clear calendar

Intuitive and easy process

Advanced Features

Sync with Outlook, Apple, and more

Detailed Excel reports

Automatic time off calculations

Management alerts

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Free Time Tracking Solutions

Our Holiday Planner and Absence Tracker services are completely free — there's no catch! We're pleased to be able to offer these tools free of charge, to help modern companies grow their businesses.

Lots More Features Available

WorkSmarter provides a wide range of HR tools to help companies grow and manage their staff. Our paid plans unlock access to many more HR services, ready to help you grow your business.


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