General Data Protection Regulation

Last updated 18th March 2020

We go above and beyond to ensure your company's data is protected:

All your HR data is kept on file in one safe, central location

You decide who sees what and when, by setting user privileges

Personal data is automatically redacted when an employee leaves

Employee data is encrypted, and never transferred outside the EU

Backups are automatic, and require no action on your part

Join WorkSmarter for the peace of mind that your HR Department is compliant with GDPR:

Military-Grade Data Encryption

We encrypt all personal data, both in-transit and at-rest, using the military-grade SHA-256 and AES-256 encryption standards. Passwords are hashed using the one-way Bcrypt algorithm, ensuring they can't be exposed.

Nightly Remote Backups

Our databases are encrypted and backed up remotely, every night, all year round. Files you upload are encrypted before we store them securely in mirrored server clusters.

Full Control of User Permissions

Flexible user permissions allow you to control exactly what you'd like to your employees to be able to see or do around the WorkSmarter platform.

Automatic Data Redaction

We help you comply with GDPR by holding data no longer than necessary — when an employee leaves your organisation, you can choose how long their data is held for, before we automatically redact it.

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