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Holiday Planning

Holidays shouldn’t be a hassle

Give full visibility to all your staff, so everyone knows who's off and when.

1 Make a Request

Employees request time off — they'll be alerted if the requested dates would exceed their holiday allowance, or conflict with others.

2 Review the Details

Their manager is notified of the request. They can see if the dates would exceed their holiday allowance, or leave the department short-staffed.

3 Approve or Decline

The holiday is then approved or declined. If approved, their allowance is reduced, and the dates appear on the calendar for their colleagues.

The Easiest Way to Plan Staff Leave

Set up your free WorkSmarter account in under 60 seconds.

Flexible Holiday Planning

Holiday planning that's
built around your business.

We built WorkSmarter's Holiday Planner to be flexible, adjusting to the way different businesses operate their holiday and staff leave policies.

Whether you track holiday by days or hours, roll-over unused time, or grant TOIL — WorkSmarter's system adapts to suit you.

Flexible Tracking — by Hours or Days

Easily set holiday allowances across multiple years, and pro-rate entitlements for new employees joining mid-way through the year.

Carry Over Unused Holiday Time

Roll over unused holiday automatically from one year to the next — or adjust these allowances by hand.

Time Off In Lieu

Optionally award extra time off instead of overtime pay, and manage these allowances separately for staff.

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“We implemented WorkSmarter for 120+ staff, after upgrading from a paper-based system.

Setup was a breeze, the website is easy to navigate, and the WorkSmarter team were on hand to make the process even simpler.”

Jamie Harding
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Avoid Conflicts

Give your team full visibility

WorkSmarter's online employee leave planner keeps everyone on the same page. The shared holiday calendar is visible to all staff, avoiding difficult conversations when two people try and book the same dates off.

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Feature Summary

The Easy Way to Plan Staff Holidays

WorkSmarter's online staff Holiday Planner makes time tracking simple.

Hassle-Free Holiday Bookings

Know who's off, and when

Ensure full staff coverage

Prevent exceeding allowances

Avoid duplicate bookings

Keep everyone in the loop

User Friendly System

Easy-to-use calendar

Helpful alerts and reminders

Avoid schedule conflicts

Customise for each employee

Intuitive and easy process

Powerful Features

Sync with Outlook, Apple, and more

Track holiday by hours or days

Automatic time off calculations

Approve cancellation requests

Download management reports

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Free HR and Time Tracking Features

Our Holiday Planner and Legal Alert services are available without charge. We're pleased to be able to offer these tools at no cost, to help modern companies grow their businesses.

Lots More Features Available

WorkSmarter provides a wide range of HR tools to help companies grow and manage their staff. Our paid plans unlock access to many more HR services, ready to help you grow your business.


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