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HR Document Templates

Absence and Sickness

20 Files

Return To Work Interview Form

A form to be used to document the content of a Return to Work interview.

Illness Self Certificate

Template of an Self Certification Form to present to employees to complete upon their return to work...

Invite To Capability Meeting (Intermittent Absence) First Letter

This letter is to be used where it is proposed to call a meeting to discuss an employee's intermitte...

Disciplinary and Grievances

18 Files

Disciplinary Procedure

A basic template of a non-contractual disciplinary procedure (to only be used if an employer does no...

Verbal Warning

Whist it is not a legal requirement to document a verbal warning (and may feel ironic to do so), it...

Disciplinary Outcome Letter (First Written Warning)

Template letter to used where a First Written Warning is being issued.

Health and Safety

6 Files

Health & Safety Policy

A template Health and Safety Policy. Please note that such a policy can never be a generic document...

Accident Log

A template Accident Log form, to be completed whenever there is accident at work (or in the course o...

No Smoking Policy

A template No Smoking Policy, to be adapted to fit the particular rules of the employer.


12 Files

Homeworking Policy

A template Homeworking policy to be used by employers who permit their employees to work from home (...

Compassionate Leave Policy

A template policy for employers to consider and complete, should they wish to document what their ap...

Stress and Mental Wellbeing at Work Policy

A template Policy for those employers who wish to document their approach to managing stress and men...

Performance Management

6 Files

Managing Performance Flowchart

An illustrative guide on how an employer should manage poor performance and carry out the performanc...

Invitation Letter To Performance Review Meeting

Template letter inviting an employee to a performance review meeting. Completion of this letter req...

SMART guide on setting targets

An illustrative guide to the SMART system of setting targets and objectives for performance manageme...


10 Files

Probationary Period Review Form

A template form to be used whilst carrying out an end of probationary period review/review meeting.

Recruiting Employees (Flowchart)

An illustrative flowchart to remind an employer of the basic steps of a good recruitment process.

Medical Questionnaire

This template medical questionnaire must not be issued any sooner than at the Offer Letter stage. S...


3 Files

Anti Bullying And Harassment Policy

A template policy which should be reviewed and adapted to reflect the nature of the employer's busin...

Equal Opportunities Policy

A template policy which should be reviewed and adapted to reflect the nature of the employer's busin...

List Of Protected Characteristics

A list of protected characteristics as defined by the Equality Act 2010, to assist employers in bein...


7 Files

Acceptance Of Resignation Letter

A template letter to be used when responding to and accepting a resignation tendered by an employee.

Dismissal Letter with Notice (Under 2 Years' Service)

This template letter is to be used where dismissing an employee with less than two years' service (w...

Dismissal Letter without Notice (Under 2 Years' service)

This template letter is to be used where dismissing an employee with less than two years' service (w...

Family Matters

29 Files

Shared Parental Leave Checklist

This checklist is designed to be given to an employee who wishes to take Shared Parental Leave, but...

Shared Parental Leave (Period Of Leave Notice)

A Period of Leave Notice to be given to and completed by an employee who wishes to take Shared Paren...

Shared Parental Leave Letter Acknowledging Entitlement

A letter to issue to an employee who has requested Shared Parental Leave and is entitled to it.


12 Files

Letter 4 (Termination Of Employment by reason of Redundancy)

This template letter is to be used as a starting point for concluding a redundancy consultation proc...

Consultation Letter 1 (At Risk No Pool)

This is the first formal letter of a redundancy consultation procedure, to be used where just one sp...

Consultation Letter 1 (At Risk Entire Team)

This is the first formal letter of a redundancy consultation procedure, to be used where an entire t...

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