Give new recruits the
best first impressions.

When you take on a new employee, let WorkSmarter take care of onboarding them.

Prepare and send employee paperwork, with electronic signing included — giving your new recruit a great first impression.

How It Works

The Onboarding Process is
easy, efficient, and effective.

WorkSmarter takes all the effort out of taking on new staff. We'll help you prepare a contract, get it digitally signed, and set up the new employee's account — ready for day 1.


Make an offer

Use the WorkSmarter platform to enter some basic details about your new employee, and set up the specific terms of their employment.

Prepare their documents

Use our Contract Builder to generate a compliant Employment Contract — or upload your own. Add an offer letter, and any further files you'd like to send. We'll obtain a legally-binding digital signature.

You're all set

WorkSmarter has collected all the information for their employee record, saved signed copies of their contract and documents, and created their employee account.

Stay Protected

Helping you to stay compliant
through every step of the process.

WorkSmarter's employee onboarding process has been carefully designed to avoid common pitfalls, and protect both you and your company at every stage.

Comprehensive Employment Contracts

We can automatically prepare an up-to-date employment contract and offer letter, to help you stay compliant with the latest changes in employment law.

Flexible Onboarding

Prefer to use your own contract or offer letter? We can handle it. Just upload the files, and we'll send them out for digital signing.

You're In Control

Preview documents before they're issued. Add any number of accompanying files. Selectively sign just a few of them... WorkSmarter's employee onboarding adapts to suit your business.

Feature Summary

Recruit new employees the easy way

WorkSmarter's Employee Onboarding feature makes the process simple.

Employment Contracts

Automatic, and legally-compliant

Tailored to each employee

Preview copies before sending

Kept up-to-date with HR law

Include instant Offer Letters

Digital Signing

Legally binding signatures

Hands-off process

Faster turnaround time

Instant notifications

Add custom files for signing

Automate the Process

Employee accounts are set up

Personal details are collected

Contracts are saved securely

Great first impression for staff

Recruits are ready for day 1

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Setup is really simple, and only takes a few minutes. You'll be guided through the process, step-by-step — and in no time at all you'll have your first employee added to your account.

We're Here to Help

If you need any assistance or have any questions, our friendly team will be happy to assist. Our comprehensive Help Centre is available too, with guides to all aspects of the platform.

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WorkSmarter is loved by SMEs around the world. We're constantly innovating and releasing new features, with the aim of creating a delightful experience for users. Join thousands of other modern companies using WorkSmarter to grow their businesses.

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WorkSmarter provides a wide range of HR tools to help companies grow and manage their staff. Our upgraded plans unlock access to many more HR services, ready to help you grow your business.

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