Company Announcements

Everything you need to know about messaging and announcements.

Included in your HR Complete plan, the Announcements function provides a simple way to connect colleagues and ensures secure, reliable and instant communication.

Staff with permission can issue important Announcements to all or any Employees, via a central messaging area.

Announcements are different to emails because they’re used to inform rather than discuss. This means you can’t reply to them.

Subjects might include:

  • company news
  • IT issues
  • department briefings 
  • daily updates
  • motivational messages
  • details of social events
  • health and safety information, and more...

Visible only to the specified recipients, every message stays on your account with a note of the date and time that you read it. This provides a permanent record so you can look back at your message history and be across all the details whenever you want.  

Messages can be sent to the whole company, a specific Department, or just to key people, and are securely logged and recorded to ensure only the sender and named recipients can see them.

When you’ve been sent a message, it will instantly appear in your Announcements inbox. A red icon  indicates that there’s an unread message. We’ll also notify you by email to say you’ve got a new Announcement to read.

You can access the message via your email or by clicking on the red Announcements alert. This takes you to your inbox so you can select the message and read it. Confirmation that you’ve read it will appear under the message, so your Manager knows you’ve seen it.

All your Announcements stay in your inbox so you can refer back to them at any time.

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