Digital HR Files

A summary.

WorkSmarter’s Digital HR Files store your documents securely, safely and easily online.

Unlimited storage space and an easy organisational system make paper records a thing of the past. It’s easy to search, upload and update HR documents whenever necessary.

Employee data and documents are protected with military-grade AES-256 encryption. Encrypted daily backups, to multiple off-site secure storage locations, ensure your critical data is safe.

Included within your HR Complete services, Digital HR Files make it easy to upload, organise and store Employee HR documentation.

  • HR folders for each Employee are organised by subjects such as Policies, Contracts, Recruitment, Absences, Payroll, and much more... 
  • You can upload and store as many files as needed in each folder
  • Employees can view and download any of their own HR files 
  • Managers with permission can also view, download and create Employee files
  • Other colleagues do not have access to anyone else’s HR files

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