How to Manage Digital HR Files

Everything you need to know.

WorkSmarter’s Digital HR Files store your documents securely, safely and easily online.

There’s unlimited storage, and everything’s laid out in a methodical and orderly way, making it easy for those with permission to search, upload and update HR documents whenever necessary.

Your HR Files explained

  • Click on HR Files from the menu to bring up a list of all the Employees you manage 
  • All your personal HR folders are listed to the left of the screen
  • Employees have folders for each subject. The files you create go into the relevant folder
  • A blue numbered icon shows you how many files in total have been uploaded for each Employee
  • Select an Employee so you can view and manage their HR files
  • When you click on an Employee, you'll see all the different subject folders and the blue icon will indicate how many files are in each folder
  • Click on the required folder to see the files contained within. You can then download any documents that you need
  • To upload a new file click on the relevant folder and then click ‘Upload Files’. You can browse your documents from here before you upload, or just drag and drop files to upload them. Files are securely saved to your WorkSmarter cloud storage
  • For security purposes, files are encrypted when they're stored. They’ll be automatically decrypted when you download them 
  • When you upload a file, we'll send an email to the Employee to let them know. They can access their own files at any time
  • When you complete a Return To Work Interview, any documents that you’ve uploaded – such as a doctor’s fit note - are automatically uploaded to the Employee’s Absences folder
  • You can edit the names of files, move them to different folders, or delete them at any time
  • Folders and files are visible only to the individual Employee and those with permission, such as their Managers and the Account Owner

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