How to Record a Training Session

Organise and securely document all the training you provide to your staff.

It’s simple to do and you can securely record training sessions for groups or individuals across your business.

Every Employee can see details of the training they’ve personally received so they can refresh their memory when required, while Managers have visibility on what they’ve recorded and can re-issue training notes.

To record a training session 

Managers with permission can record a training session by going to Training Records from the Services tab at the top of the screen, then clicking on 'Train Staff'.

  • Click in the 'Trainees' box to select which of your staff took part in this training session. You can select individuals or choose to record training for a whole Department, if that’s applicable. If you select a Department, the names of all staff will appear 
  • Enter the topic of this training session, then use the calendar to enter the date and time of the session. You’ll see that future dates are greyed out; this is because you can only record a session that has already taken place
  • Write a recap of the session in the description box. It can be as detailed as you want and the edit feature allows you to format and style your notes 
  • You won't be able to make any further edits once the document is saved 
  • You can see all training documents, and download a PDF version, by going to 'Train Staff' and clicking 'Show Details'. You can also access the details via your Employee Record

We’ll notify the Employees to let them know that this training session has been recorded, and is available to view at any time from their Training Records. They’ll only ever see the individual or group training they've personally received.

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