What are Training Records

Documenting your training can help protect your business.

WorkSmarter’s Training Records allow you to digitally evidence all your company training and have access at all times, from anywhere on any device.

Your company’s training programme represents a significant investment of resources, so it’s vital to ensure that everything’s securely documented in one central place and that you have a permanent record of who was told what, when.

In some circumstances, your company may be called upon to share evidence with a third party, perhaps in relation to health and safety or compliance issues. In this instance, you’ll have peace of mind that you’re protected with a full audit trail and can quickly locate and retrieve evidence at the click of a button.

Our digital Training Records support you by making it simple and safe to catalogue all sessions across your business. 

Every Employee can see details of the individual or group training they’ve received, and Managers have a neat overview of all the training they’ve recorded. You can re-issue training notes with one click.

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