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Keep projects on time and on budget Project Timesheets from WorkSmarter

Bringing a team of people together for a new project is always exciting but keeping track of who worked when and where can be a challenge.

Suzi Jordan
Suzi Jordan Marketing Coordinator
WorkSmarter’s new timetracking solution has been created for any specific project or area of work, allowing you to see the exact amount of time everyone contributes and from which location – whether they’re salaried employees, freelancers, agency staff or independent contractors. 
No more chasing up lists of itemised hours, no more manual calculation for different rates of pay. Just simple, efficient time tracking for all your projects, with full data exports ready for accurate billing and payroll. 
Track costs and revenue for individual projects 
Time tracking is particularly important when it comes to budgeting and planning resources, helping to improve profitability by providing the right information to assess whether projects are being priced correctly. 
If you work with clients, you can set the default billing rate for any project to show total costs and revenue for this project, based on the time logged by your team
Bringing your team together
Being able to see a precise analysis of everyone’s individual contribution allows managers to measure real time progress throughout the life of the project and work to deadlines more effectively. 
With all the facts to hand, it’s easier to evaluate what’s working, identify essential tasks, check that workflows are efficient and make any modifications needed to achieve the best outcome.
WorkSmarter’s Project software makes self-evaluation easier for every team member and improves time management skills. Relevant documents can be attached to the worksheet, notes or comments added, helping everyone have full visibility and stay more connected.  
Automatic Check In & Out 
Project Timesheets have been designed to be used in conjunction with both our mobile and desktop Check In system, so it’s no problem to keep track of time spent on projects even when working remotely. 
Providing real time updates, team members simply tap in from the platform or through the WorkSmarter mobile app to start the clock on project time. 
A unique WorkSmarter QR code can be generated for each time-tracking project, stored in a mobile wallet, then used by the team to check in and out of project work as required. 
So many useful features
✅ Record exact working time for every individual, on any specific project
✅ Custom settings per employee
✅ Know who’s working, when and where 
✅ Instant project check in/out via the WorkSmarter platform or app
✅ Or scan WorkSmarter’s QR code for Front Desk check-in/out  
✅ Set individual rates of hourly pay, all calculated automatically
✅ Detailed reporting. Full data exports for accurate billing 
✅ Manager review & approve. Auto-approvals for key staff
✅ Add the right people to the right project, quickly and easily
✅ Unlimited projects – time track as many projects as you need
More than 30,000 users believe we’re the system of choice for growing UK businesses. 
See how WorkSmarter can help simplify your people management. Book a demo with one of our friendly specialist advisers today.
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