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The Rise of Flexible Working: Embrace the Trend with HR Software

Discover how WorkSmarter's HR software can help you manage your flexible and hybrid working admin.

Suzi Jordan
Suzi Jordan Marketing Coordinator
As flexible working becomes increasingly popular in the UK due to better technology and communications, workers are actively seeking out those employers who can offer new opportunities.

Earlier this year, the 4-day week trial successfully showed people worked harder when rewarded with freedom and flexibility. Among the wide range of companies that participated, well-being improved dramatically & productivity was maintained or improved in nearly every case. 

Out of the 3000 employees who took part, 71% reported feeling their burnout levels had reduced and 39% were less stressed. Each of the 61 companies in the trial designed its own policy so that time off was arranged to suit the nature and culture of the business, allowing a range of flexible models.  

The number of sick days taken during the trial fell by about two-thirds and 57% fewer staff left the firms taking part, compared with the same period a year earlier.
The trial was such a success that 92% of employers said they would continue with a shorter working week following the trial. 30% are making the change permanent.

The Growing Demand for Flexible Working in the UK

Recent studies show that a majority of UK employees prefer flexible working options, with 77% of Gen Zs and 71% of millennials considering switching jobs if asked to work full-time at the office. 
However, with clear advantages for workers of every age and situation, the appeal of flexible working does not appear to be generational or lifestyle based. With employers facing a current skills shortage, companies that offer flexible arrangements are more likely to attract and retain a diverse range of talent. 
As flexible working rules are set to become more progressive, over two thirds of working parents in the UK now believe flexible and hybrid work will help their career prospects. 

Flexible Working Could Soon Become the Default

The Employment Relations (Flexible Working) Bill, which is currently making its way through the House of Lords, is part of the government response to a post-pandemic working landscape.
The Bill would make it easier for employees to request flexible working in several ways from the first day of a new job, including two flexible working requests per twelve months instead of the one currently allowed. 
The Equality and Human Rights Commission is supportive of the bill, welcoming its proposals to improve access to flexible working. The EHRC believes this will help a range of workers by reducing gender and disability pay gaps, as well as providing sought after flexibility for older workers. 

WorkSmarter's HR Software: Supporting Workplace Flexibility

Before considering whether to offer flexible working and what that might entail, it’s essential to think about how you will keep on top of employees’ vital information such as their hours worked and location.
Careful and accurate recording is required for payroll purposes and for keeping in touch with colleagues, but many businesses say that managing this extra reporting can be an administrative challenge. 
WorkSmarter's advanced HR platform is designed to support and facilitate flexible work arrangements. From managing remote teams to tracking employee performance, our software streamlines day-to-day tasks, making it easy for businesses to foster and maintain a productive, flexible work environment.

Adopting Flexible Working Policies with WorkSmarter's HR Software

Providing genuine choice, that fits the way people live and the technology they use, may mean employers are more likely to attract, retain & motivate the widest range of talent. 
Intuitive HR software makes it simple to implement and manage workplace policies that cater to employees’ diverse needs.
WorkSmarter's HR software can help your business adapt to this growing trend. 
Our Timesheets service does it all for you, making tracking time and attendance a breeze. Everything’s set up to automatically record break times, workplaces, and more — and to export this to your payroll software. 
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