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Why is HR Lite WorkSmarter’s most popular plan?

It’s a question we’re frequently asked when speaking to SMEs about our platform.

Suzi Jordan
Suzi Jordan Marketing Coordinator
Signing up to new HR software can feel daunting and it’s worth taking a little time to assess what’s important to your own organisation. WorkSmarter’s advanced people management platform offers many great functions and features, so you’ll want to match these with your own specific HR needs and objectives. 

Helping you manage your people

Our dynamic software adapts accordingly as your organization develops, to fully meet your evolving needs. We designed HR Lite to help companies grow and manage staff more effectively. 
While our basic Time Tracking plan gets your business started with indispensable and essential features such as the Holiday Planner, Absence Tracker and Timesheets & Attendance service, growing teams often require more. 
We’ve put together a helpful summary bringing you the facts about WorkSmarter customers’ plan of choice. As you would expect, HR lite includes our essential core services as standard but here’s a breakdown of some of the wider range of HR tools that are also included in this highly recommended plan. 
At-a-glance guide to HR Lite

Full Employee Records – all the information you need for every member of staff, including payroll details. Any changes are automatically updated.
HR template Document Library - dealing with a disciplinary, maternity leave, a job offer or a termination? The HR Document Library has you covered, is continuously updated, and templates ensure you are always compliant with current legislation.
Expenses & Mileage – the easy way to simplify your company expenses. Track costs, save receipts and log journeys, then review and reimburse your employees.
Digital HR Files – with unlimited cloud storage, you can easily organise and access all the files you ever need, safely and securely. Fully encrypted with secure access controls, this feature makes file storage and tracking child’s play. 
Digital Document Signing – send any documents to staff for sign-off with secure digital signatures and automated uploads.
Training Records – accurate and effective, Staff Training Records are perfect for easy recording, reviewing, updating and refreshing. Protect your business with a permanent and contemporaneous record.

New Employee Onboarding – we’ll help you prepare and send new staff paperwork, helping you stay compliant through every step of the process. Give your new recruit the best first impression.

Amazing value 
With even more features to unpack and constant innovation that helps you grow your business, we’re confident that HR Lite represents amazing value. 
Customers tell us that this plan pays for itself. Our pricing is simple and transparent, and there’s no obligation. 
Selecting the right online HR services for your organization is a crucial step in optimising your daily admin tasks and preparing your business for a successful future. 
See what HR Lite can do for you. Contact us today and one of our friendly team will be happy to chat. 
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