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WorkSmarter’s new Digital Document Signing feature has launched!

Our electronic signing service has now been rolled out for use across your whole organisation.

Suzi Jordan
Suzi Jordan Marketing Coordinator

With multiple benefits for your business, don’t miss out on this indispensable new feature.

Here’s a quick rundown.

➡️ Digital signing helps you transform how you manage your HR files and streamlines your document signing process. Changes to contracts, pay rise confirmation letters, latest policy roll outs…if it needs signing, you can use our new service. 

➡️ Electronic signing is perfect for new starters or returners, remote or off-site workers, hybrid and shift workers…there are endless possibilities to fit with your way of working.

➡️ Any document can be uploaded and sent for bespoke signing, from anywhere in the world. 

➡️ Go paperless, reduce your carbon footprint, save money – and forget about scanning, printing and mailing.

➡️ Save valuable time and reduce admin – it’s simple with WorkSmarter’s trusted platform. 


🔐 Our expert developers take the greatest care to prioritise data security. Sensitive information can only be viewed by your chosen recipients. 

🔐 When you sign digitally, your unique mark is embedded within the final document which contains layers of inbuilt security and authentication. 

🔐 A full audit trail keeps track of who’s signed, when and from where. 

🔐 E-signatures are legal, admissible, and enforceable in a UK court of law. Our secure processes help ensure your documents are legally compliant. 


👉 WorkSmarter’s secure platform guides you through the whole process. 

👉 It’s quick, easy and provides the ultimate in protection and oversight. 

👉  Upload any document and choose who needs to sign it. 

👉  The recipient will receive an email unique to their WorkSmarter account, notifying them of the request and with the appropriate links. 

👉 Signatories are prompted to sign and return the document. You’ll be notified and updated every step of the way. 

👉 A protected PDF is created, to help prevent tampering.

👉 All recipients will receive a final signed copy with a watermark identifier, including the audit trail and signatures from all parties. 

👉 This is safely downloaded for you automatically, and securely stored in your HR files for easy access and viewing.


✅ Use our extensive Document Library in conjunction with Digital Signing. One click gives you access to this fantastic resource so you can find just the right HR document template for any scenario. 

✅ Digital Signing is available as standard with HR Lite and HR Complete. Our premium plans are flexible and scalable so choose the option that suits you best.

✅  If you’d like any help or just want a quick chat, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We know your business is unique and our friendly team are here to answer any questions you have. 

Contact us today [email protected] to find out more. 

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