Absence Management

A summary.

WorkSmarter’s Absence Management service allows your business to gain full visibility into absenteeism.

Track and record by Employees and Departments to give you a fuller insight into areas of high or low absence. 

Return to Work interviews can help minimise future time off and improve productivity.

It's easy to manage staff absences from your account.

  • The Absence Calendar allows Managers with permission to view, manage and track their Department’s absences
  • When you record a new absence against an Employee, the details appear on the Absence Calendar
  • As soon as an absence has been recorded, we’ll notify all the relevant Managers so they’re aware
  • Once the absence is completed, you close it and will be prompted to complete an optional Return to Work interview. The absence will be automatically concluded and the calendar updated; the details remain on the calendar for reference
  • Absence details are recorded in the Employee Record, so that staff and their Managers can see a summary

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