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The Holiday Calendar makes booking your annual leave a doddle

The Holiday Calendar not only allows you to view and manage your own holidays but will also show you all other holiday bookings in your Departments, so you can avoid any tricky clashes. To protect privacy, staff can only see who has booked a holiday in their own Departments or those they collaborate with. 

The calendar will automatically display a month at a time but you can instantly switch viewing formats so you can see what’s happening daily or weekly, or as a list.

We’ve colour coded the calendar to help you identify whether a holiday is pending, approved, or has been declined. You can filter by Departments or by the current status of each holiday request. You’ll see a summary of who’s away today in the top right.

Just so you know, holidays are usually taken in single day blocks. Of course, half days can be booked too but this will need to be done separately.

Book your holiday 

Once you know your dates, click on ‘Book a Holiday' which you'll find via the Services link on your menu. 

Use the calendar to set the dates you’ll be away. Holidays across multiple days will be listed as full days off, so if want to take a half day off as part of this request then you’ll need to input it separately. Select whether your leave will be paid or unpaid.

The status box summarises the request details, how much holiday will have been used to date, and the amount of holiday you’re entitled to. If your holiday conflicts with an existing holiday, already booked by a colleague within one of your Departments, you can still submit your request. Your Manager will be notified about the clash, and holiday approval will be at their discretion.

Use the comment box to leave any additional information that might be helpful to the relevant Managers.

Once you’re happy that everything’s correct, submit your request. A pop up message confirms that it’s been sent to your Manager.

The Holiday Calendar is immediately updated to show the requested time off in yellow – indicating that the request is pending, subject to approval. Clicking on your name will show all the details and give you the option of editing or cancelling the holiday.

It’s now up to your Manager to consider your request and you’ll be notified as soon as they’ve made a decision.

You can keep track of your request and status from 'Holidays', within the dropdown menu via the Services tab. All your own holiday request details can be seen by clicking on 'View Requests.' 

Once your holiday’s been approved it will appear in green on the calendar and you’ll receive a confirmatory email.

Your holiday details are recorded on your Employee Record so you can keep up to date and see all your holiday history in one place. Access your Employee Record from your profile picture on the right of the menu.

Amend or cancel your holiday

Click the green bar on the calendar to see the details and access links to amend or cancel your holiday. 

Any changes will be emailed to your Manager and they’ll respond with their decision in the usual way, via your account. If your holiday request is declined it will show in red, and you’ll be notified by email with the reason why it hasn’t been approved.

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