Holiday Reports

View and download management information.

WorkSmarter’s concise reports make managing your staff holiday requests even easier, so you can be across all the facts at the click of a button.

Keep track of everyone’s total allowance and the number of days they’ve already taken; see full details of any approved requests; and grab information on all outstanding requests that have not yet been approved.

You can also call up a general Employee Report, giving a summary of everyone’s up-to-date details so you’ve got it all to hand in one place.

Reports are returned to you instantly and allow you to pinpoint the facts and spot any trends or patterns more easily.

To view and download your management information 

Account Owners and Managers with permission can access the information via the Reports tab at the top of the screen. 

Select the reports you want to return, specify your date range where appropriate, and click ‘Run Report’.

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