How to Book a Holiday on Behalf of an Employee - for Account Owners and Managers

How to book annual leave on behalf of your staff.

To book holidays on behalf of your staff, click on ‘Book a Holiday’ which you'll find via the Services link on  your menu. Select which Employee this holiday request is for.

You can either submit the holiday as a pending request, which is the default setting and will require approval from a Manager, or choose to submit it as a pre-approved holiday without notifying the Manager. There are a number of circumstances where you might prefer to pre-approve, for example if you’re the only Manager or their Manager is away.

Book an Employee's holiday

If you’re submitting a pending request, set the dates the Employee will be away, add any relevant comments and submit. The request and comments will be sent to the Manager for approval.

The decision will appear on the calendar, green for approved and red for declined, and the Employee notified by email.

 If you’re pre-approving, set the dates, add any comments and submit. The Employee will be notified in the usual way and the holiday will immediately show up as approved on the calendar.

To amend or cancel this holiday

To see the details and access links to amend or cancel this holiday, click the relevant bar on the Holiday Calendar. You'll find the calendar in the 'Holidays' section, via the Services tab.

Any amendments will be emailed to you and/or the Manager for their response, with the usual email and calendar updates.

If you cancel the holiday it's removed immediately, and the Employee will be notified by email. 

If an Employee submits a request to cancel their own holiday, Managers will be notified for approval. 

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