New Starter Onboarding

We’ll take care of contracts for you when you take on a new Employee.

Included as standard within the HR Complete plan, our New Starter Onboarding service does the hard work for you

  • The process is simple. You only need to give us a few basic details 
  • Your Employee’s data is confidential and secure 
  • Everything’s stored online, and private information is fully protected and encrypted
  • You stay compliant with legislation changes 

When you're ready to make an offer, we'll send out the offer details for you directly to your prospective Employee. When everything's been agreed, we'll prepare and issue the contract of employment and send it to your new recruit for digital signing - giving you reassurance that everything’s legally compliant with current employment legislation.

We’ll also set up the Employee’s WorkSmarter account so that everything’s ready for their first day.

Seamless integration makes a great first impression on new Employees and they’ll be able to sign ‘paperwork’ from their mobile or any other device and get everything back to you before they start. Signing is simple, secure and done in seconds. 

Once signed, the Employee's contract is automatically uploaded to their HR file so you don’t have to do a thing.

How to onboard your new starter

Once the employee has accepted your job offer, we'll prepare and issue their contract of employment. All we need from you are the details of their employment, and we’ll walk you through everything on the screen as you proceed.

Start by going to Organisation on your menu and select Employees. Click on the blue ‘Add Employees’ link in the top right.

Simply fill in their details and employment terms in the form provided so that we can prepare a draft contract for your approval.

  • Much of your standard company information, such as working hours and holiday entitlement, is pre-filled to save you time but details can be customised where needed.
  • As this is a new starter, we’ll need a few additional details including their contract dates, salary details, and pension scheme arrangement.

Once you click ‘Create Employee’ the details provided will be saved to their Employee Record. Although they’ll appear as a pending employee in your WorkSmarter account, they won’t yet have any login details to access the platform.

The next step is to use the appropriate buttons on the screen to preview a draft copy of the employment contract. If you need to make any changes to your new starter’s employment terms, these will be reflected on the draft document once saved. Download the draft contract to preview and check it.

Once you're happy all the details are correct, click the ‘Send Documents to Employee’ button and we’ll immediately email them the formal paperwork and give them all the instructions they need to sign a digital copy of their contract.

When the signing process is complete, we'll send both you and the employee an email to confirm. We'll also automatically upload signed copies of their paperwork to their Digital HR Files.

Once the employee's start date is reached, we'll give them access to your WorkSmarter account alongside your existing employees.

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