Review a Holiday Request - Account Owners and Managers

How to approve or decline a request for annual leave.

When an Employee submits a new holiday request, we’ll email the details to the relevant Managers. 

The request will be waiting for review in 'View Requests'. To see this just go to the 'Holidays' sub-menu, via the Services link at the top of your screen. The pending request will also appear in yellow on the Holiday Calendar, so you can reference it against any other holiday bookings. 

To review the request, either use the link on the email or click on 'View Requests.'

Both links take you to ‘Holiday Requests’, where you’ll see all the details and comments and can instantly approve or decline. The Employee will be notified immediately.

Approved holiday will show in green on the calendar. Click on the bar to see all the details, to edit or cancel. 

Any holiday that's been declined will appear in pink on the calendar.

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