Sync Your WorkSmarter Holiday Calendar

How to sync your Calendar so you can view it from any device.

You can sync your WorkSmarter Holiday Calendar with Outlook, iCal, Google Calendar, and more, so you can access it wherever you are, on any device, for speed and convenience.

This prevents delays if you need to make a decision urgently or see what’s happening in real time.

The calendar link is unique to each account, so you can be sure all subscribers will only see what they should. You shouldn't share your personal calendar link with colleagues, unless you're happy for them to see all the same events and details as you would on your own account. Calendar feeds are not password-protected, so if you need to revoke access to a calendar feed URL, please contact us.

To ensure your WorkSmarter data stays safe, you can see events in your subscribed calendars, but you'll need to use the WorkSmarter website to add or edit events.

How to sync your Holiday Calendar

Click on the Services link on your menu. Go to 'Calendars' and click 'Holiday Calendar'. Then click the blue 'Subscribe to Calendar' button.

Next, choose which type of calendar events you'd like to sync — you can synchronise holidays and absences separately, or both at once in a single feed.



Which software can I sync the calendar with? You can sync your WorkSmarter calendar to any software or device that supports the iCalendar format. This includes Outlook, Google Calendar, Windows, macOS, iOS, or Android.


Should I "import events", or "subscribe" to the calendar? Some calendar software will offer to "import events" when you first try to subscribe to the WorkSmarter calendar feed. If you choose to "import events", the calendar will not update with the latest events — it will simply copy all the existing events across. Make sure you are "subscribing" to the calendar feed, in order to keep it updated with changes on your account.


How often does the calendar update? This depends on your chosen calendar software. Different calendar services, like Microsoft Outlook or macOS's Calendar, will allow you to choose how often you want the calendar to refresh and check for new events.


Nothing happens when I click the calendar link: If your calendar software doesn't automatically open, right-click the feed button and copy its URL, then follow your calendar application's instructions to subscribe to a new feed.


How do I subscribe to the calendar feed? Instructions vary, depending on which calendar software you use. Further information is available using the links below:


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