How to Change Default Settings and Update Information

Tweaking default settings and editing your information is really easy and can be done at any time.

WorkSmarter is designed to be accessible and intuitive, making it easy to navigate the site once you know your way around.

Standard information that usually applies company-wide is assigned as your default setting and pre-filled on forms, to save you from having to repeatedly key the same details in. 

To override the default working hours when you’re adding new Employees 

Key in the relevant changes in the Working Hours table and save the information. This is then used to automatically calculate the number of hours that make up their paid working week.

You can manually adjust this calculation if you need to, by clicking on ‘edit’ in the Paid Hours section of the table; this will unlock the fields so you can use your own calculations instead.

Key in the hours that should be paid, click to save, and the new calculated paid hours figure is now set. You can reverse this if you need to, and go back to using the auto-calculate function, by clicking on ‘calculate’.

To override the default holiday allowance when you’re adding new Employees

Key in the total number of days per holiday year the individual is allowed to take off and this will become their personal allowance.

Holiday entitlement, whether standard or customised, will be visible on all Employee Records so everything’s clear and can be tracked.

If you subsequently need to change any information for a current Employee, go to your Dashboard and select the staff member via Employees You Manage. 

Go to 'Edit Employee Details' and find the section you want. Key in the new details and save. 

A notification email will be sent to their Managers confirming that the Employee Record has been updated, along with a summary of what’s changed.

Staff can see any changes that have been made by going to their Employee Record and clicking on ‘Edit Details’, under their profile picture. 

Employees can update their own personal and contact details on their Employee Record, and we’ll always notify their Managers so everyone’s on the same page. 

They won’t be able to change their employment details, working hours or holiday allowance unless they’ve been designated permission, so these updates will need to be done by a Manager. Again, any updates will be emailed to all Managers to make sure everyone’s aware. 

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